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Almiah Grace Ulmido | BSChE1

Claire Bustamante | BSChE1


In celebration of the National Architecture week, the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary Bicol University Chapter (UAPSA-BU) together with UAPSA Aquinas University of Legazpi hosted the 10th District Assembly and 14th Arki Camp at Coastal Beach Resort Calayucay Sto. Domingo, Albay last December 6-8, 2010.

Bearing the theme “ENTEREZA (unity): Create. Expose. Ignite. Survive.” the 128 registered participants convened in taking pride in the architecture profession and in developing professionalism as the future of the Filipino Architecture.

The aforementioned event was participated by 7 architectural institutions in Bicol Region belonging to the Area B District B5 namely University of Nueva Caceres, Camarines Sur Polytechnic College, University of North Eastern Philippines, Aquinas University of Legazpi, Sorsogon State College, University of Saint Anthony, and Bicol University.

The three-day annual assembly was composed of seminars, presentations, group presentations, and rendering competitions which showcased the delegates’ creativity, talents, and teamwork. BU rose to fame as the following delegates were awarded in their respective events: Jelly Joy Budao 3A, Jefferson Vergara 4A – 1st (Arki Quiz Bee);  Mcjr Enguerra 2A- 2nd (Watercolor Rendering); Arjay Botin 3A – 1st Runner Up (Ms. Arkikay); Jann-rizz Maravillas 2B- Best in Sportswear (Mr. & Ms. UAPSA DB5 2010).



Francis Ian Rosario | BS CE3A

Two Gearcast staff, Francis Ian Rosario (Managing Editor) and Djonrae Galvez (Art Director) attended the 3rd LIYAB Regional Journalism and Arts Festival 2010 held at the Ateneo de Naga University(AdNU), Naga city last November 25-27, 2010.

LIYAB is an annual convention spearheaded by the Pillars, the official publication of AdNU, that vows to widen the campus journalists’ perspectives, enhance skills and potentials and keep the passion for principled journalism burning. It s also promotes solidarity among campus journalists from different publications.

The said event was participated by different state colleges and universities region wide namely, Universidad de Sta. Isabel, University of Saint Anthony, La Consolacion College-Iriga City, Catanduanes State College, Sorsogon State College, Naga Colleges Foundation, Bicol College, Baao Community College, MPCF-Legazpi, MPCF-Canaman, Bicol University (CENG, CBEM, CAL, CAF, IPESR, Unibe) and Ateneo de Naga University.

The 3 days and 2 nights jam-packed event was filled with various activities such as forum on education and national situations, Basic Masses Integration(BMI), classroom discussions, advocacy journalism, journalism ethics and Solidarity Night. The 1st Chris Hugo award and College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP-Bicol Chapter) Congress was


Merced Llanderar| BSME3A

For nine consecutive years, still Bicol University sustains the championship title among the eight different SUCs (State Universities and Colleges) in Bicol Region during the 2010 Regional SCUAA (State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association) Meet held at Bicol University Legazpi City, November 8-12, 2010.

Bicol University, through the effort of 292 enthusiastic officials and participants, accumulates 134 gold, 61 silver and 42 bronze which make it to the top. BU is followed by CBSUA with 36 gold, 55 silver, and 30 bronze. CNSC makes it also to the top three with 14 gold, 40 silver, 40 bronze.

Three were 8 state colleges and universities who dynamically participate during the said event namely Sorsogon State College (SSC), Partido State University (PSU), DEBESMS CAT, Camarines Sur Polytechnic College (CSPC), Catanduanes State College (CSC), Camarines Norte State College (CNSC), CBSUA and Bicol University (BU). During the opening ceremony, Ms. Miki Santiago, a 2nd year student of BUCN was crowned as Ms. SCUAA 2010 and Mr. Fredrick Jimenez of Sorsogon State College was declared as Mr. SCUAA 2010. “During the opening ceremony, Pres. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya-president of BU and SUCS of Albay was really overwhelmed of the different numbers presented by BU family and glad for its organized presentations,” Mrs. Mary Lou C. Borja, sports director of Regional SCUAA Meet 2010 said.

The total approved budget of BU administration for Regional SCUAA 2010 Meet was 4,020,210.00Php. In hosting alone, BU allotted 2,381,900.00Php which includes the hosting facilities e.g. water facilities, amenities needed by the SUCS etc., payment to the officials and renovations to major facilities like BU grandstand and quarters of players. Moreover, the budget allocated for the participation was 1,638,310.00 where uniforms, allowances and food of players were included.

“It was really successful because of the support cooperation and inspiration given by the administration, all the college deans and directors, students and outside agencies like Philippine National Police (PNP), Department of Health (DOH) and Philippine Airforce headed by Col. Guillermo Molina of Region V,” Borja said when asked about SCUAA.


Abigail Aureus| BSCE2

BU Mechanical Engineering students partake in Philippine Society in Mechanical Engineers (PSME) 58th annual convention held at PICC Hall, Manila last October 13-16, 2010.

Present during the said event were mech. Eng. Department head eng. Gene Llorando, quizzers Andrew Fererras 5th yr. (team captain), Vincent Jay Candelaria 5th yr., Jan Abejuela 5th yr., Emmanuel Garcia 4th yr., Don Ramiro Calleja 4th yr., and officers : Noel Navales (pres.), Gene Marbie Quintano and Kay Alfuente.

The convention would again be another learning opportunity for the members as they participate in the various discussions covering a wide range of subjects relevant to the practice of mechanical engineering, as well as, crucial skills and knowledge needed to help one succeed in the practice.

Among topics being lined up include Environmental, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality, and Safety Management; Republic Act 8495 or the (Mechanical Engineering Law); upgrading from RME to PME; the mechanics of the re-introduced Continuing Professional Education / Continuing Professional Development (CPE/CPD) program as a prerequisite for license renewal;

The said convention was composed of many parts and one of that was the quiz where the contestants had to solve problems ranging from easy to difficult with speed and accuracy. The Quiz Bee consisted of 24 questions read orally by a quiz master and flashed simultaneously on a screen. It covered mathematics, thermodynamics, power plant engineering, industrial plant engineering, engineering economy, and machine design. The quizzers of BU got 5th runner up in the final round among other 30 schools.

Michael Burac |  BSChE3


In the recently concluded PRC Engineering Licensure Examination, Bicol University College of Engineering revved up once again its engineering education to its best by producing new registered engineers.


Fourteen of which came from Chemical Engineering department which put up a 50% BU passing rate against the national passing rate of 59.28%.


Meanwhile, John Francis P. Manila lived his name up to the top 10 as he bagged the 4th place in the November Licensure Examination with a passing rate of 94.90%. Along with him are the 29 other new Registered Civil Engineers which apparently gave their department a 47.06% BU passing rate against the 40.57% national passing rate.


Further, the Electrical Engineering department gained 17 new registered Electrical Engineers in the September 2010 REE Licensure Examination and 27 registered Master Electricians.


Here is the complete list of Board Passers:


November 2010 Chemical Engineering Board Examination
1. Alterejos, Sheerylene O.      
2. Armero, Leni M.        
3. Bedes, Mira Angela A.      
4. Cimanes, Daryl Jose III R.      
5.Dedase, Cyril Kris A.      
6. Espiloy, Ma. Esphie A.      
7. Flores, April D.        
8. Gerona, Bonifacio A.      
9. Lanuza, Jervy V.        
10. Layson, Catherine A.      
11. Maceres, Ian James M.      
12. Obias, Evan May B.      
13. Realoza, April B.        
14. Valdez, Arnel A.        
BU Passing Rate: 50%      
Nat’l Passing Rate: 59.28%      
November 2010 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination
1. Adornado, Adryl H.        
2. Alemania, Nanette L.      
3. Arandia, Jerold Jhon R.      
4. Atento, Jay M.        
5. Barrameda, Irgel B.      
6. Bilasano, Joseph Ian B.      
7. Buarao, Jude N.        
8. Bueno, Joel B.        
9. Cierva, Joeven E.        
10. Cuya,  Ronel M.        
11. Ecleo, Jason D.        
12. Fabia Homer L.        
13.Goño, Christian G.      
14.King, Roger Allan B.      
15. Longoria, Gerard M.      
16. Loria, Jommel R.        
17. Luna, Michelle Ann B.      
18. Mabini, Froilan Jr. B.      
19. Manila, John Francis P. (4th Placer – 94.90 %)  
20. Manzanillo, Jeff L.        
21. Marquez, Vincent O.      
22. Mingoy, Donald L.        
23. Mingoy, Gordan S.      
24. Orlango, Nelson S.      
25. Pereyra, Ronel Roger S.      
26. Radoc, Romulo Z.      
27. Rontas, Zwingly Y.      
28. Sadia, Jessica Ofelia O.      
29. Saez, Franz, Josef N.      
30.Tuzon, Joseph T.        
BU Passing Rate: 47. 06%      
National: 40.57%        
September 2010 Electrical Engineering Board Examination
Avila, Romeo Jr. G.        
Berango, Christian G.      
Canar, Milda M.        
Causapin, Aldrin S.        
Competente, Mauris Mae V.      
Crisol, Ivan Orville C.        
Dimapilis, Richard Michael B.      
Ebrada, Jeril Jay R.        
Fortada, Egardo B.        
Galemba, Christian Gil R.      
Gealone, Deejay N.        
Leosala, Bazil G.        
Panuelos, Glaiza D.        
Porlaje, Glenn Mark D.      
Rellermo, Romeo Jr. S.      
Romero, Laurence A.        
Roquid, Bryan Ray R.      
September 2010 Registered Master Electrician  
Alvarez, Sar Jonard M.      
Amante, Jose Ryan R.      
Arevalo, Michael Robert R.      
Bandola, Hyren P.        
Birata, Rey Mark B.        
Bolon, Rogie Mar A.        
Bon, Dexter Allan M.        
Borlagdan, Jessie D.        
Carujao, Ernee C.-9th placer, 82.5%    
Camu, Sandy B.-9th placer, 82.5%    
Epena, Pierre D.-1st placer, 86.5%    
Espiloy, John Jeauz A.      
Hubilla, Almel E.-5th placer, 84.5%    
Llabore, James C.        
Llanto, Ryan M.        
Lopez, Mark Anthony S.      
Loria, Christopher Nino C.      
Lorica, Ralph Joseph M.      
Lunas, Maria Janine L.      
Macabuhay, Alexander Jr. A.-9th placer, 82.5%  
Madraso, Kim Marie R.      
Mendoza, Mike Francis E.      
Millano, Josef Roderick B.      
Millete, Raynold B.        
Octa, Reynald Ian S.        
Olaguerra, Lee Oliver M.-10th placer, 82%    
Prianes, Jeric P.-2nd placer, 86%    




You are the proof of BUCENG’s Excellence!


Marilyn Regulacion | BSChE2

As promised to last year’s Kem ‘N Giving, the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers—Junior Chapter V (PIChE-JCV) aided by ChE students and faculty members conducted an outreach program in Buragius, Elementary School last Dec. 16, 2010.

Due to the positive outcome and response last year, the organizers of the said activity decided to continue this early Christmas threat to those children who belong to indigent families. The main goal of the group was to put genuine happiness to everyone’s face and make them feel the spirit of true Christmas. Donations like clothing, toys, school supplies, canned goods and the like were given to them as early gifts.

Kem ‘N Giving activity gave the ChE students the opportunity to share blessings and love to the children even in simple ways.

The second year of Kem ‘N Giving activity was really a huge success for the department. It does not only produced best chemical engineers but also continues to gave birth to honorably upright persons ready to help a hand to those in need.


Jomari Ace V. Basilla | BS ChE2

Walang plastic ang papasok sa Bicol Region,” stressed out by Fernando P. Quililan, Regional Director of DENR Environmental Management Board.


Kanzo Hall and Restaurant, Legazpi City – The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE) of the Bicol Region with Bicol University Chemical Engineering Department geared up its 2nd PIChE – Bicol Regional Convention last December 4, 2010.


With the theme, “Chemical Engineering Practitioners Breaking Barriers Towards a More Progressive and Developed Bicol,” the said gathering pushed through with the participation of the professional and practicing Chemical Engineers, officers from PIChE – National and Bicol and the Bicol University Chemical Engineering students.


Aiming at bringing all Chemical Engineering practitioners and advocates in Bicol Region for continual professional development in sustaining their global competitiveness and to steer all Chemical Engineers in the region in adherence to PIChE’s core values of excellence, commitment, integrity and service, the program stressed out issues concerning the environment.


The event was spearheaded with the launching of PIChE projects partnering with industries concerning the “No Plastic Campaign: Use of Recyclable Bags.” Resource speakers presented their talk regarding their advocacy towards a greener Bicol region.


Engr. Lizzel Aquino, Environmental Manager of FILMINERA, talked about “Waste Management: Industry Perspective.” Engr. Michelle Agripa, Professor at BU Chemical Engineering Department, highlighted her thesis on Derived Fuel from Municipal Solid Wastes. Engr. Fe R. Rubio, Environmental Manager of APRI, and Engr. Carmelita Borbe-Pacis, Environmental Manager of Rapu-Rapu Mining Inc. Polymetallic Project, shared their views on Environmental Management System.


This whole-day affair was ended with a Pledge of Commitment to a healthier environment and progressive Bicol Region signed by the participants.


Francis Ian Rosario | BSCE3


Last December 14, 2010, the members of the CEGP (College Editors Guild of the Philippines) Bicol chapter reunite for a protest against budget cut of several schools particularly here in Bicol.


The said protest was supported by the Kabataan Party List as well as the active Fraternities region wide. The protest started from the BU Daraga Campus going to the Main Campus where different media groups like the ABS-CBN Bicol covered this regional complain.


The students who joined the rally waved their flags and placards showing great objection with the issue. As the students making loud noise overlooking the Camp Simeon Ola, several policemen came out and tried to control the crowd. Luckily, there was no major accident that happened.


“Students should be alarmed with the current budget cut issue in Bicol. Bicol University being ranked as the 2nd in the largest budget cut in the nation should be aware of this matter.” Francis Perdon, the CEGP Bicol Chairman, quoted.


This advocacy hopes to be given attention by the government and surrender the budget cut proposal.


Five Cengians together with 101 BUeños attended the 31st Annual National Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers (PACSA) Convention and Seminar Workshop for Campus Advisers and the 15th Annual National PACS Convention for student leaders held at Teachers Camp, Baguio City last November 26-29, 2010 with the theme, “ Excellence in Campus Advising and Student Leadership.”

The Cengians who participated were Lee Trillanes, College Student Council (CSC) President; Jeremiah Burac, CSC Business Manager; Medelyn Aligan, Amylene Aligan and Mark Ian Garbo, all from the University Student council.

PACSA is a non-stock, non-profit national organization of Campus Advisers which envisions itself to be the leading organization of campus advisers in the total formation of campus advisers and student leaders in the country.

The event featured seminars and workshop for the development of good campus advising and student leadership.

Bicol University was awarded as the biggest delegation after having a total of 106 participants. Ms. Clarence Mapa, USC PIO, was hailed Ms. PACS-Luzon. Mr. Gerard Marcellana and Mr. Rolando Llona were both given Continuous Membership Award for attending the PACSA Convnetion for five years and 10 years, respectively.

Emmanuel Garcia, BS ME4


During the election for the new officers, Mark Ian Garbo was elected as the Executive Treasurer for PACS-Luzon.

“I am glad to be part of PACSA. This was my first time to attend PACSA Convention and was amazed on how they organized hundreds of school and thousands of delegates. The theme is very inspiring and uplifting for it helps students and advisers to become a better leader,” Garbo said after asking his thoughts on the PACSA Convention.

“I think and I hope that BU will still participate in the next convention for it is a tool in transforming the paradigm of quality management, student service and nation building. PACSA and PACS is an organization that contributes to the true essence of being a leader and adviser,” he added.


Merced P. Llanderal, BSME2A

Ninety-eight students and graduates of BUCEng, coming from different departments, passed recent board exams on first half of 2009.

Comprising the said total are sixty-five from EE Department, 25 from ARKI Department and eight from ME Department. In the April 2009 RME (Registered Master Electrician) board, 14 BUeños passed while 9 made it in the May 2009 REE (Registered Electrical Engineering) Board. Furthermore, in the earlier September 2009 RME board, 35 BUeños passed where 3 among them thrived the top 5 as eight made the REE board, attaining 29.06% and 67% BU and National passing percentages respectively. ARKI Department, on the other hand, got an average performance of 39% and 42% BU and National passing percentages respectively in the January 2009 Architecture Licensure Examination. Meanwhile, ME Department had a fair performance with passing percentages of 31.3% and 49.5% BU and National passing rates respectively during the April 2009 Mechanical Engineering Board. Furthermore, ME Department added international pride when Jose Jaucian Ronda Jr. placed 2nd in the Al-Khobar Licensure Examination, a qualifying examination to work in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia last March 2009.

The list of the passers is as follows:

April 2009 RME Board

  1. Avila, Romeo Jr. G. (7th placer)
  2. Balleras, Charmaine B.
  3. Barela, Zaldy M.
  4. Belza, Eric E.
  5. Bermido, Gener Leo S.
  6. Bonifacio, Romel C.
  7. Boncacas, Joseph C.
  8. Broqueza, Ma. Odeth
  9. Causapin, Aldrin S.
  10. Contante, Jerome D.
  11. Llabore, Niña C.
  12. Rellermo, Romeo Jr. S.
  13. Sanchez, Mariden G.

May 2009 REE Board

  1. Engr. Borromeo, Liberato Jr. B.
  2. Engr. Fennis, Rex M.
  3. Engr. Garduque, Dani Rogan A.
  4. Engr. Legacion, Ryan A.
  5. Engr. Manlangit, Katrina A.
  6. Engr. Romero, Rolly D.
  7. Engr. Tolero, Jeffrey P.
  8. Engr. Valladores, Aldrin C.
  9. Engr. Cleofe, Ricardo C.

September 2009 RME Board

  1. Panuelos, Ma. Glaiza D. (3rd Placer)
  2. Competente, Marice Mae V. (4th Placer)
  3. Ebrada, Jeril Jay R. (4th Placer)
  4. Alondra, Edlyn A.
  5. Alvares, Rey Francis B.
  6. Balictar, Arvin M.
  7. Baylon, Ma. Nodelessa S.
  8. Berango, Christian G.
  9. Bernabe, Arjie B.
  10. Calolot, Franklin Jr. F.
  11. Canar, Milda M.
  12. David, Ranulfo D.
  13. Echano, Gilles D.
  14. Empig, July L.
  15. Espiritu, Jesson L.
  16. Estrada, Elmer L.
  17. Gacias, Teodoro II M.
  18. Guarte, Roberto A.
  19. Llorera, Sarah Jane B.
  20. Loyola, Eroldon Glorios A.
  21. Marbella, Rexel L.
  22. Montero, Leo M.
  23. Naño, John Ed R.
  24. Nieva, Ryan N.
  25. Oxciana, Jairo P.
  26. Pantoja, Kenn R.
  27. Posillo, Jonathan M.
  28. Rañola, Junfer O.
  29. Relavo, Philip R.
  30. Rejuso, Raul III C.
  31. Romero, Laurence A.
  32. Rodrigueza, Myla L.
  33. Villanueva, Jomar M.
  34. Yee, Mark Vincent A.
  35. Nacional, Nerissa D.

September 2009 REE Board

  1. Engr. Ajero, Emer D.
  2. Engr. Bahillo, Richard T.
  3. Engr. Cidro, James Eric B.
  4. Engr.Laguilles, Dennis Y.
  5. Engr. Mora, Jessoni N.
  6. Engr. Satorre, Oliver J.
  7. Engr. Segovia, Jessie Jr. V.
  8. Engr. Ramizares, Christian.

January 2009 Architecture Licensure Examination

  1. Arch. Abustan ,Mary Grace Ann T.
  2. Arch. Balidano, Meridel L.
  3. Arch. Bermundo, Emelyn E.
  4. Arch. Climaco, Mark Niño L.
  5. Arch. Cerillo, Mark Anthony B.
  6. Arch. Guarte, Emmanuel O.
  7. Arch. Junio, Frederico V.
  8. Arch. Loquinario, Eduardo M.
  9. Arch. Maravilla, Marvin A.
  10. Arch. Marbella, Michael D.
  11. Arch. Panarigan, Lorenzo M.
  12. Arch. Saquido, Ma. Lourdes S.
  13. Arch. Serviño, Marie Carlyn R.

June 2009 Architecture Licensure Examination

  1. Arch. Abion, Jan Lee N.
  2. Arch. Aguilar, Christian Jade V.
  3. Arch. Alcantara, Marnee M.
  4. Arch. Bigueras, Junuel P.
  5. Arch. Cate, Jeffry B.
  6. Arch. Guarnes, Ray C.
  7. Arch. Osial, Ronaldo Isaac A.
  8. Arch. Rubio, Marianne C.
  9. Arch. Sabillena, Eric Diego D.
  10. Arch. Sianoya Samuel C.

Architecture Registration, Texas, USA

Arch. Moya, Mikhail M.

June 2009 Licensure Examination for Environmental Planners

Arch/ENP Codia, Vinecio P.

April 2009 Mechanical Engineering Board

  1. Engr. Basi, Jeffrey B.
  2. Engr. Bustamante Matt D.
  3. Engr. Comboy, Romy F.
  4. Engr. Decano, Christian A.
  5. Engr. Gomez, Robert S.
  6. Engr. Pantino, Adrian Kibby C.
  7. Enrg. Mortega, Jan Eric DL.

To all of you, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You made us proud.